Coffee as big as my face? Yes, please. 

Hey guys! I’m Briana McDougall and I’m a 30-something Seattleite who has a passion for food. I believe in the power of food to not only nourish the body, but the soul and the ability of food to connect neighbors, strangers, and friends. Food should have real, pronounceable ingredients and be made from scratch whenever possible. Quality is always better than quantity. That’s not to say that it has to be the most expensive ingredients you can source. With Kale & Ice Cream, I aim to show you how you can create quality meals without breaking the bank. Meals you’ll want to share with friends just as much as you want to whip up on a rainy Tuesday night.

Why Kale & Ice Cream? A number of reasons. Kale and ice cream are two of my favorite foods. (Yes really, I actually do love kale.) It also speaks to the balance I try to achieve on this blog. Nobody is perfect and I don’t expect anyone to eat completely healthy 100% of the time. What you can do is control your ingredients and ensure that everything you put in your body is nourishing and soul-satisfying. Sometimes that means a giant kale salad with all kinds of superfoods and sometimes that means a pint of ice cream and a giant glass of wine. It’s all about balance.

Things I love:

  • My Husband, Zack. He’s a big computer nerd, obsessed with Legos, Star Wars, Star Trek and all sorts of games. He’s pretty much the greatest.
  • Seattle: Coffee, wine, seafood, mountains, coffee, lakes, rain, farmers markets, and did I mention coffee? Seattle is the perfect US city in my mind and I’m so fortunate to call this beautiful city home.
  • Kansas Jayhawks: Zack and I met at the University of Kansas, where we both attended school. We run our alumni watch parties in Seattle and can be found watching KU Basketball games all season long. March Madness is a holiday in our house.
  • All things Africa: As an African Studies major, I naturally have a hug obsession with that beautiful continent. I love African foods, crafts, animals, fabrics, art and of course the people. Amazingly, I still have yet to set foot on the continent, although I hope to remedy that soon.
  • Social Media: I’m a social media manager at a PR agency during the day and naturally love all things social media. Feel free to connect with my personal accounts & ask me anything. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest.
  • Beauty & Fashion: Zack used to work for a national fashion retailer and I had a client in the prestige beauty industry for a while. Given those two things, we’ve been exposed to a lot of fashion and beauty products. I’ve gotten to try out all sorts of things and love testing new brands, colors & products.

And now for a picture of Zack and I enjoying cake. That cake was so good.